If you take a moment to look beyond the AppNexus juggernauts and 800 lb. Google gorillas of the online ad business you will find thousands of sleepy little ad networks quietly churning out fistfuls of RTB dollars.  CPMile is one such network that blatantly illustrates the sad state of the ad tech union.  CPMile describes itself as a free-to-join international CPM ad network that will “accept almost every website” with the altruistic goal “to help publisher who own websites can make money with their traffic”.  If you can make it past the gratuitous grammatical errors and confusion of clip-art to their online FAQ section (http://cpmile.com/faq.php) you will get a pretty good idea of the business that these quiet little ad networks–who live by flying under the fraud radar–are into these days.  Check out FAQ #5 which asks an innocent enough question.  Do you accept BOT traffic?  No, right?  Check out the answer.  I was flabbergasted to find the answer was a cagey form of yes.  CPMile says they have “some traffic service that they only want BOT traffic”.  Really?  They have advertisers who only want to spend their hard earned brand dollars on non-human page views and machine generated clicks?  I wonder who those advertisers may be.


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Christopher Weiss is a grizzled and hoary veteran of online marketing with over 20 years on the technology front lines deep in the high-tech trenches. He is a Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. certified professional, published author, and award winning public speaker occasionally taking selected consultative incursions into the adtech theater of war. After an exhaustive Federal IT boot camp with the U.S. Department of Labor managing a legacy data migration, he took over as the Chief Technologist for User Technology Associates in Arlington Virginia. From that beachhead Mr. Weiss followed the battle lines of Internet integration to become Executive Director with USWeb and ultimately Vice President of Professional Services at the nefarious marchFIRST internet integration juggernaut. There he spearheaded large scale e-commerce skirmishes with allies like United Airlines, America Online, Citicorp and Harley-Davidson. When the dust of the bubble had finally settled, Chris found he had become a mercenary deeply entrenched in software and technology product management with several local and European start-ups combating network security, data management, and online marketing. In that service he has been honored with published victories in periodicals like PC Magazine, Washington Technology, Government Computer News, iMediaConnection, MediaPost, Adotas, and Federal Computer Weekly.

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