2015 is the year that digital advertising across mobile devices comes into it’s own in the APAC region.     

APAC is soon to become a hot bed for the digital advertising arena. It is true that APAC is still “emerging” in the digital media space, but I fully expect 2015 to be a big year for the industry in APAC.

I recently spent 2 weeks in Singapore, Jakarta and Sydney and the single biggest thing I took away from the trip is that the digital advertising space is growing rapidly. The more poignant thing that I learned is that the vast majority of people in APAC access the web via their smartphones. Most households do not have desktop computers, instead, they are opting for smartphones. This is not only for access to the web, but for their web purchases. I would not be surprised if the “Death of the Desktop” took place, if it is not already.

Companies like Axiata, one of the premier mobile carriers in APAC, covering the likes of  Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Singapore, is positioning itself as THE player in the mobile space in the region.

One of the biggest things that Axiata has, which has been lacking in APAC, is targetable user data. For the longest time, big data has been an issue in APAC, thus why programatic has been lagging in the region as well. Axiata also has the benefit of not having to deal with the same regulations that the US or EU does.

Other things that will drive mobile and big data in APAC is social media and e-commerce. Shopping will continue to make its migration to online and consumer data generated in social and digital spaces will start to be farmed by marketing teams, making the DMP’s in the region more crucial.

So to recap, here are the top 4 things I expect to see in APAC this year

1. The Continued Rise of Mobile
2. The Year Programatic Becomes Relevant
3. Big Data Grows Up
4. The Decline of the Desktop as Mobile Takes Over


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