There have been rumors swirling around recently that Yahoo was looking at a possible acquisition of video platform BrightRoll. Well, swirl no more. Late yesterday, Yahoo announced yesterday that they are indeed buying BrightRoll. While not mentioned in the release, the acquisition price is said to be $640M.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has said recently that video is one of Yahoo’s key growth areas. Mayer also staked claim that the acquisition of BirghtRoll will make Yahoo’s video ad platform “the largest in the U.S.”.

Just over 1 year ago, AOL finalized its purchase of, with an acquisition price of $405M, which was mostly cash and about $85M in preferred stock. Shortly after, news started to come out that up to 80% of’s ads were bogus. Lets hope that Yahoo does not have the same issues with BrightRoll.

Mayer clearly thinks that video is a key component of the longterm success of Yahoo, but video is still trying to make it through puberty.

Time will tell, but what does this mean for any possible collaboration between AOL and Yahoo?





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